I was always a big fan of Elvis (and the Fonz) as a kid.  Its surprising that I didn’t grow up cooler. I still have a few Elvis albums on vinyl in my basement.  I’ll always remember January 8th as Elvis’ birthday for the weirdest reason.  As a kid I saw the movie D.C. Cab because I was also a huge Mr. T fan.  There was a scene in the movie that I just thought was great.  Without giving away the entire plot, a group of cab drivers decide to form their own cab company to save their former boss’ company.  Dell (played by pre-trainwreck Gary Busey) lays it out for the other guys and explains why I don’t work on January the 8th.  The movie was probably terrible overall but seeing a rated R comedy as 10 year old made it awesome.  The picture I chose to go with this post was no accident.  Tomorrow is Richard Nixon’s birthday.  Why I remember that is a whole other story.  I’m just glad today is Sunday, so I don’t have to explain why I’m not working to my boss.  Happy Birthday Elvis.